We provide tailor-made solutions, based on the client's past experience to which we bring our own. We assess the client's current situation and identify the key elements to determine what "even better" means for them. We strive to adapt our consulting services as much as possible to the client's needs by being open and honest about the viability of their goals.


We specialize in the economic management of the project cycle. We provide consulting services on how to efficiently manage funds (budget preparation and analysis, economic monitoring and financial control) with two objectives:

  • to maximize the impact of the funds invested
  • to minimize the risk of the funds invested being returned, either due to management- or justification-related incidents.

We also specialize in reviewing accounts evidencing expenditure, analyzing risks, resolving incidents, preparing for audits and responding to allegations.

We provide ongoing support.
During the consulting process we closely monitor whether the option chosen continues to be relevant and we adapt the methods and solutions provided as necessary.
We believe less is more.
We offer simple and realistic solutions which are easy to implement.