What Defines Us

At WAP Consulting Group we offer ideas for change. Ideas we generate together and translate into tailor-made solutions, technical assistance, and training and which we develop and exchange in order to increase the impact of the cooperation projects and programs.

WAP Consulting Group is a specialized consulting firm which is qualified in and focused on its mission to work towards a more equitable, humane and sustainable world. To do so we strive to provide local players and agents of change with the concepts and methods to better understand their reality, foster their potential to transform and find ways to change for the better.

This process is:

  • Interactive. We facilitate processes of change, providing innovative talent, knowledge and building skills, but the solutions must come from within.
  • Flexible. We try to obtain the expected results taking into account each client's particular situation, while being aware of and respecting their cultural environment, since we believe it is a basic requirement to achieve long-lasting and socially accepted solutions.
  • Practical. We are results-oriented and we offer innovative, efficient, realistic solutions which create specific changes and results which can be measured objectively.

After more than 15 years working in international cooperation, we have learned that the success of development processes is achieved through successive approximations and adaptation, especially in a global economy which is increasingly complex and volatile, where planning and action plans must be continuously revised and adapted. Another lesson we have learned is that people learn better and naturally in day-to-day situations. This experienced-based learning model is what WAP Consulting Group explains and incorporates in its consulting services.